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Our 2nd meet at Yale will take place on June 6 - 7.  It will be hard to top what we pulled off in April....but let's see if we can do it!  Thanks so much. 

After that we will swim the Cheshire meet at Wesleyan on June 27 - 28.  A preliminary entry as been sent.  Please confirm your availability.  This will be our last meet before the championship season begins.

Our Long Course Practice Schedule:

Workouts are offered Monday through Friday beginning at 5:00 pm.

All practices are run in the Practice Pool on the 3rd floor.

13/Over swimmers begin at 5:00 pm

12/Under swimmers begin at 5:30 pm

We are always welcoming new members. Those interested in trying out should call (203) 432 - 1498 or email tim.wise@yale.edu
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