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Thanksgiving Week Practice Schedule:
Monday - Tuesday: 6 - 8 pm (regular schedule & pools)
Wednesday: 5 - 7 pm EX Pool
Thursday: OFF - Happy Thanksgiving
Friday - Saturday: 8 - 10 am Practice Pool
Sunday:  Off
The Gym will be closed on Friday and Saturday.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before practice is scheduled to begin.  If you are late you will be locked out. 

Regular Practice Schedule
Practices begin at 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.
M/W/F downstairs in the Exhibition Pool
T/R/Sunday upstairs in the Practice Pool

Upcoming Meets:
Dec. 19 - Omni one day meet at Yale

We are always welcoming new members. Those interested in trying out should email tim.wise@yale.edu or call (203) 432 - 1498

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